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Season 1 - Episode 3: The Lunar Chronicles

This episode covers every book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - Fairest, Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter, and Stars Above. We talk about #COVID, discrimination and experimentation in medicine, personhood (and how it can include robots), mental illness, and body dysmorphia.

CW: Mental illness, rape, body dysmorphia, racism, & ableism

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Show Notes:

- Medical Racism (this is just a start, please also do your own research)

Medicine & Slavery

Henrietta Lacks, the lawsuit, & controversy

Guatemala STD experiment

Tuskegee experiment (which Shelby mentioned)

Other human experimentation (including experimentation on prisoners & disabled folks)

Forced Sterilization

- Sawbones podcast on GMOs (where Jenny got the goat thing)

- Mental illness language & awareness

- Character traits as described by the author (her explanations around race lack specificity)


Transcript coming soon!

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